The EOR service allows you to hire employees and settle their taxes and payouts simply and quickly.

What exactly is EOR?

EOR is a service that entrusts the task of creating human resources abroad to an external entity. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to establish new legal structures in the foreign country, as the employee officially reports to another company. The EOR entity will therefore take care of all official obligations such as taxes, employee benefits in the form of insurance and medical care, administrative tasks and payroll.

The EOR is a means for companies to manage their HR and payroll matters more easily. This is why companies planning to expand into foreign markets frequently opt for a service whose monthly subscription opens up a new, more accessible vision of how to administer their workforce. EOR helps reduce costs while saving time that would normally be spent going through all the procedures and management. The entity entrusted with the task of managing HR and payroll does not have a managerial role in relation to the work positions created. Therefore, all decisions are made by you. Uniqorm's many years of experience show that the EOR employment model works from both a strategic and financial standpoint, which is vastly important in the initial stages of development in the Swedish market.

In practice, the growth of a company depends on three components, which are time, costs and knowledge. The legal structure in Sweden consists of many layers, among which several levels can be distinguished:
An additional difficulty is the specificity of the local market, which to some extent has its own rules. This is why our many years of experience in the industry is what allows our company to guide clients through the process of expansion into new markets. Uniqorm will take care of your Swedish payroll, as well as tax and benefits administration. You will be able to fully devote yourself to your business in other fields, and we will take care of the legal employment of your employees.

They trust us:

Together, we will create your own team in Sweden.

Uniqorm will take full care of your employees and help you settle accounts with small entrepreneurs "employed" on a B2B basis. Trust the versatile structure of our company and enjoy unlimited time. Reduce the costs and risks that often come with tapping into new markets. With us, your team will be paid in local currency and receive additional benefits with medical care and pension insurance.

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How does the EOR model works
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